James Gunn’s Slither
delivers. It’s hilarious and it’s really icky – my date to the premiere
in LA last week almost threw up (which left poor Mr. Gunn a little
disappointed). Slither
is a complete blast, a gooey helping of horror fun. Expect plenty of
coverage from CHUD.com in the coming weeks, including my exclusive one
on one interview with Gunn himself.

The film opens March 31st, but to whet your appetites (which you’re just going to lose when you see the film), here’s some cool Slither related stuff to get you through the rest of the work week:

Download a Brenda Pet:
In the film poor Brenda becomes the incubator for a zillion nasty
parasites. Now you can download her to your desktop and feed her
rotting meat to make her the perfect womb!

Hunting Season: Slither
takes place on the first night of deer season in rural Wheelsy. Of
course no one imagined that the townsfolk might be the ones getting
hunted by slimy alien slugs. In this game you’re trying to turn the
tables and blast the things before they can get in your mouth and take
you over.

Slither trailer: I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Except that it’s not! The link here will take you to the official Slither MySpace
page – which has the red band version of the trailer. That means it has
more gore, more slime, and the use of the word fuck – a word that is
much easier to find in the film than a “needle in a fuckstack,” as the
charming mayor of Wheelsy puts it.