Wonder what this movie is going to be about?

I hadn’t heard about this movie until recent years. I was familiar with the whole “Savini” controversy, where he was upset that his name was used for marketing purposes, when all he really did was be on set to help a few scenes along, and didn’t do any make up effects (this is still a debatable topic, and who really knows?)

Our story is about George. See, he’s crazy. Just look at him.

"I am a star. I am a big bright shining star."

He even foams at the mouth to show you he’s crazy.

The effects of watching Man's Best Friend.

He’s been in an asylum for quite some time after murdering his Father, while he was getting kinky with some broad.

This is what the gold membership at the local bed and breakfast gets you.

As with all movies from the late 70’s and early 80’s that were either set in San Francisco or New York, there’s a part that takes place in an adult theater. This one is no exception.

"I have to pay how much?"

"Hey shyboy! Come on over!"

"She's looking at you and thinking, Hey big boy."

"Just one squeeze. Pllleeeeaaasssseee!!"

He does all this while running around in a rain coat. All he would need is a combover and he would be the image of the pervert in most films.

After getting his rocks off, he heads to Florida to the house he grew up in. It’s occupied by a family. The Mother is away with her boyfriend, and the kids are being babysat by of course, a bubbly broad who gets her boyfriend to come over for some making sex.

First he comes upon the dumbass babysitter and her equally dumbass boyfriend.

"Baby, I'm gonna rock your world! With my penis!"

Of course, they get what horny teens get in movies. Laid, then dead.

Weed kills. Fact.

The girl nearly makes a phone call, then doesn’t.


This movie also provided something that isn’t seen in very many movies. A kid saves the day, BY BLOWING THE BAD GUY AWAY. With 2 different guns.

"You busted into the wrong room, fucker!"

Home Alone 5: The Revenge Of Vengeance

There’s a nice little twist towards the end in the form of a line of dialogue that I really dug, that when I listened to the commentary, it was stated that that line was added at the last minute and was not in the script.

We also get a full view of George’s flashback that up until then was only in pieces.

Problem Child: The Killing Years.

"You go splat!"

Nightmare has become infamous on horror message boards for never having a proper release on disc, and now Code Red has made it available. All the stills with my attempts at humor, and even the ones with no captions are all taken directly from the “Slightly better print” on the 2nd disc. That’s the better transfer, as there are no less than 3 transfers spread over the 2 discs. There’s print damage, but for the most part, it’s all very clear.

Here’s a few more shots, including what is probably one of my favorite shots of New York.

"No I don't want to know how I can improve my credit."

One of the coolest shots of New York. Ever.

Yeah pretty girl, go into that old abandoned place. Nothing's going to happen.

Didn't listen did you?

This is certainly a movie worth checking out, and get the Code Red disc. It’s not supposed to be out for a few days, but I got mine about 2 weeks ago from an online store that shipped early, and from what I’ve heard, it’s already shipping from a lot of online retailers that are not Amazon, but that’s not that big a deal, as most of these online retailers are pretty good at shipping fast.

George wants you to see this movie.

Rene’s song of the day: “Walkabout” by John Barry.

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