Wanna see how things are done in other countries? With Natural City, Korea sort of does their own variation of Blade Runner with an ambitious futuristic tale of fabricated beings who just want to live. If that involves the slaughter of any humans who get in their way, so be it.

The DVD finally hits US shores on April 4th courtesy of Asian-friendly Tartan video (we’ll have a review as part of the impending Tartan onslaught), but for now we’ve got an exclusive clip from the flick. And it’s a good one, featuring ridiculously gifted stuntman/fight coordinator/villain Doo-hong Jung as an extraordinary killing machine dismantling several enforcement officers.



The official synopsis: Rebuilt after a devastating war, the world of 2080 has given rise to advanced technologies including the creation of cyborgs.  Created with artificial intelligence (AI), human-like emotions and great strength, they serve mankind for their entire short lifespan.  When the cyborgs revolt, Noma (Yoon Chan) and R (Yoo Ji-tae, Oldboy, Antarctic Journal, Lady Vengeance) lead an elite military squad ordered to eliminate the rebellion.  Unbeknownst to anyone, R is harvesting AI chips from dead cyborgs in order to save his dying lover, Ria (Seo Rin), a cyborg just days away from shutting down. Intent on stopping R, however, is his compatriot, Agent A, who knows something more may be amiss.