A film that has been in limbo for at least a couple years (and should have been released in 2009, delayed partially because of it being converted to 3D) will finally see the light of day.  Deadline just broke word that distributor Lionsgate has set a date for The Cabin in the Woods, the somewhat long-awaited horror film penned and co-produced by Joss Whedon and directed by Drew Goddard.  It will hit on April 13th, 2012, which is Friday the 13th for those of you sans calendar.

There isn’t a ton known about the film aside from the fact that Chris Hemsworth shot it before Thor, is gonna be stuck in a cabin in the woods with friends and presumably they’ll all get nice and bloodied up for our viewing pleasure.  But apparently with some unique twists thrown in.  I’d imagine, though, that based on Whedon’s involvement this will either A.) be something fanboys love and worship, B.) be something most critics call overrated, or C.) become a tv series later on.  Or maybe a combination of the three.  Either way, Whedon doing something so horror-centric is intriguing.