This sort of political material is really Devin’s forte, but he’s currently on "working vacation" in sunny California, so I’ll have to act as proxy pundit for the moment.

Now that he’s won acclaim for his Racism for Dummies story, Crash director Paul Haggis will tackle the government and its tendency to agitate pretty much the rest of the world. Against All Enemies is based on former counterterrorism honcho Richard A. Clarke’s illuminating account of how the administration handled/mishandled the terrorist threat prior to and after the 9/11 attacks. Shit, I’ve probably been Patriot Acted just for looking up the book on Amazon.

Even though it’s coming from "liberal Hollywood", I have to assume the movie will actually be a thinly veiled fictionalization along the lines of Primary Colors. Haggis, who’ll also produce the undoubtedly controversial film for Columbia, has The Rundown writer James Vanderbilt at work on the latest draft.  Not the first guy I’d think of, but okay — maybe they can get Walken to play The President.