The official website for KrakenHeads is online. Many parts are still under construction, but the launch of the primitive but fun official site for 11 Colonels ATTACK! is there as well as the new RON website, the Mythopolis teaser, the official site for Left Turn,
and more. Please take a peek through there and I hope that one day becomes your bookmark instead of, because you
can get to all of our sites from there just as easy as here. Plus,
there will be almost constant updates on the site, whether on the
priestportal section or in updates about the various projects.

For example:

Speakeasy Comics took
a big shit and managed to disappear from existence without giving me as
much as a phone call. Nor have they responded to my many attempts to
contact them. Fuck it. As a result, the comic book properties are going
elsewhere. Expect an announcement soon.

11 Colonels ATTACK!
has added a ton of crew and are looking for a lot more. If you sent in
an email to be involved, it is gone. My entire email was wiped out last
week. Check the site and let us know what kind of help you can provide.
Also, expect anannouncement soon on that flick in regards to budget,
start dates, and the possibility for release.

So if you could, hop on over to and let me know what you think!