Prooooobably not gonna make it.

So I’m fairly certain I’d never heard of Trey Songz before THR reported he’d be included among the cast of the new Texas Chainsaw reboot, as his name fires absolutely no neurons in my brain. Since he’s been nominated for a grammy, had at least three top ten hits, several videos with tens of millions of hits, and has a new album on the way… clearly he doesn’t need me to know who the fuck he is to have attained success. Looks like a whole new legion of folks will know who he is now though, as he’s going to be front and center of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D.

Speaking of things I don’t pay attention to, despite definitely reading Alex’s announcement that the project was in play, it still felt like news to me that this project was happening. It’s as if it simply slid off my braincells, as frankly some of this reboot shit just all blurs together in a big mash that I have trouble with. This version will be directed by John Luessenhop, of 2010’s perpetually “coming soon” crime flick Takers. It also boasts a co-writing credit from Adam Marcus, who is credited with the story for Jason Goes To Hell. It takes place in the same universe as the original (I think), but it’s a modern take done with intention of jump-starting the franchise.

Trey will play one of the leads in the film, which will hit theaters in October of next year, after an LA shoot. He’ll play the boyfriend of Alexandra Daddario (soap opera vet and Percy Jackson star), so he pretty much wins. If you want to feel badly about that, check out his sonic awful below.

This is a Nu Image/Lionsgate shindig, so don’t expect the ole Platinum Dunes template to apply anymore.

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