riddickAs actual news, this is about as flimsy as Lindsay Lohan’s career potential outside the porn industry, but since I’m a shameless fan of the Riddick franchise and confess to Diesel manlove, I figure this bears regurgitation.

Coming Soon recently chatted with Vin about his curiously coifed courtroom comedrama Find Me Guilty, and the topic of his infamous intergalactic felon arose during the conversation. Diesel admitted that Chronicles was envisioned as the first of a trilogy with a story arc already mapped out (there were rumors that budget bloat forced elements of two movies into one), and he sorta-confirmed that he’s interested in buying back the rights to the series from Universal to do with as he pleases.

I suppose if Vin gets another certifiable hit or two under his belt, this could indeed be a possiblity down the line. As long as they ditch the metaphysical bullshit and concentrate on the character killing his enemies on colossal sets, I’d certainly rather see Diesel (hopefully with Pitch Black helmer David Twohy) return to this character more than some random romcom or Pacifier 2: Diaper Duty, even if it’s just another animated episode like Dark Fury or videogame like Butcher Bay, itself a better prequel than anything a Bearded One could produce. In fact, I’ll go on record as saying after a single bottle of wine that I’d much rather see a sequel to Chronicles of Riddick (which I described in MY REVIEW as having a wonderfully cheesy pulp tone) than any other recent sci-fi flick.