Are you feeling all Trumpy? Think you’ve got the scrotum (or conversely, the labia) to run a bustling metropolis like, say, New York City?

Here’s your big chance to get in touch with your magnate side and call the shots in the Big Apple. Atari’s game Tycoon City: New York gives you an armchair opportunity to take the reins of everything in Manhattan, from skyscrapers and fashion and pizza to theater and cultural diversity. It’s a little on the family-friendly side, so you’ll have to use your imagination when it comes to drug dealers and pimps and bums and¬†corrupt cops (i.e., the realistic aspects of the big city). But hey, at least you get to plan the Macy’s Day Parade!

Whattaya need to do to get your hands on one of these games, besides own a PC capable of running it? Just tell us your favorite scene from a movie set in NYC, give us your full name and mailing address, and use the linkage below, Mr. or Ms. Mayor!