It’s been a productive week for Stephen King (and it’s a good thing, I’m sure he’s probably hurting for cash), with two new movies based on his work hurtling toward production. Dare we hope they’re on the quality level of The Mangler? Let us dare.

While Eli Roth dials up Cell, John Cusack has checked himself into 1408, a supernatural thriller based on King’s short story. Cusack will play a Scullyish mythbuster who experiences some genuine horror during his stay in the haunted hotel room of the title.

The Dimension flick is being helmed by Mikael Hafstrom, who previously provided an utter lack of excitement with Derailed.  Hafstrom refers to the material as "a one-man show" and "a contained drama", which unfortunately sounds like a similar description of King’s Secret Window, so even if Cusack is up to the task, let’s hope he has a better ending to work with.