There’s not a ton of detail out there about Francis Ford Coppola’s next film Twixt, but that’s about to change. The film will have a Hall H presentation at Comic Con (Coppola’s 1st since Dracula in the 90s) on Saturday, and a bit of tease has just now popped up in EW.

Twixt is called a “gothic indie” that will have Coppola stretching his horror muscles once again, and it certainly has big ambitions that branch into three dimensions (oh look, yet another pantheon director giving the dying format a test run…). On his last film Tetro, the director and his longtime collaborator Walter Murch experimented with mixing color and black & white footage balanced by different aspect ratios*, and I wonder if we’ll see something similar here with 2D and 3D..?

The film stars Elle Fanning, who did a bang-up job in Super 8 and is in the picture above. Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, and Ben Chaplin are also part of the tale about a defunct horror writer who becomes tangled up in the mystery surrounding the death of a little girl. It should be a dark, dreamy tale that integrates Coppola’s penchant for the literary as well as the fantastic.

Once we catch word from San Diego what Coppola came to play with, we’ll certainly let you know. This seems like it will be an interesting year for the Con, with a few oddball titles like Twixt getting some facetime, without the same overwhelming presence of some of the bigger blockbuster projects that have scaled down their presentations.

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(via Collider)

*As Murch explained in a lecture I attended, having flashbacks in color and the main narrative in black and white meant that returning from vivid flashbacks would visually diminish the desaturated main narrative. To combat this, they shrank the aspect ratio of the flashbacks so that when the story returned to real-time, what you lost in color you regained in screen real estate. Clever!