Art imitates life, and since most of the world seems to have developed a strong disdain for the good ol’ US of A, this is being reflected in our movies.

Sony and producer Neal Moritz, who only acknowledges concepts that are really high (Stealth, Torque, XXX, etc.), have grabbed an action flick pitch called Minutemen. Named after the famous Revolutionary War militia and not chumps who lack sexual stamina (nor the secret enforcers of Brian Azzarello’s outstanding comic 100 Bullets), the movie has an “axis of enemies” storming America and trying to obliterate the country’s command center, leaving it up to a bunch of small-town residents to save the day.

If this “low-tech vs. high-tech” sort of thing sounds familiar, it’s because just a couple of months ago we heard about another movie called Liberty, in which the nation is crippled by an EMP blast and a bunch of resourceful patriots use archaic war equipment to fight an invading army. Which is the exact same way we defeat the Psychlos in a few hundred years, as I’m sure you know.

Jesus, it’s like Red Dawn all over again. Except not as interesting. What sucks is that a decade ago, this sort of material probably could’ve been played as a comedy. Although with Moritz pulling the strings, at least we can hope for something as unintentionally hilarious as XXX: State of the Union.