For the next 30 days I’ll torture you with my stupid answer to the writing prompts taken from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and the 30 Day Song Challenge. Here we go:

I’m half way through. Booyah!


Writing Challenge – Day 15: A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life.
I have a few of those, and although the impact they had on my life will probably seem unimportant in the grand scale of things, they are still important to me.

The first album that affected me emotionally in a deep and terrifying way was Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Right after I got it, I spent a whole week at a place where there was no TV and no radio, so all listen to was The Wall, and it sent me into a deep existential crisis. A song that had the same effect on me was Radiohead’s Paranoid Android. I avoided that song like the plague for years.

I think I already mentioned that my very first CD was either Prodigy’s Fat Of The Land or U2’s Pop. But also, my first soundtracks were The Wedding Singer and the Hackers vol. 1 soundtracks, and my first electronic album was Sneaker Pimps’ Becoming X. I still have them all.

The Hackers and Mortal Kombat soundtracks became very important to me for introducing me to different types of electronic music other than euro disco.

Albums like Sponge’s Rotten Pinatta, Sneaker Pimps’ Splinter, almost everything released by Nine Inch Nails, Unkle’s Never Never Land, Babylon Zoo’s The Boy With The X-ray Eyes, and Stabbing Westward’s Stabbing Westward became soundtracks to my life at different stages and helped me go through some minor existential dilemmas.  I thank the universe, the gods, and whatever else there is to thank for their existence.

Song Challenge – Day 15: A song that describes you
Here’s hoping these aren’t too revealing. I’m only mentioning this because the lyrics for most of these songs are pretty damn depressing. Let’s just say, this songs describe me but not always literally, ok?
Monsters – Something For Kate
Gloomy Sunday – Artie Shaw
A Happy Place – Katie Melua
I’m not done – Fever Ray
Dance of The Knight – Sergei Prokofiev
Every Day Is Exactly The Same – Nine Inch Nails
Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears