csaPhilip Seymour Hoffman isn’t one of those cats who wins an award and then tells reporters "Golly, I don’t have anything lined up next!". Because that just would be a flat-out fib. And Hoffman’s pants are not, repeat NOT, on fire.

Yes, a mere two days after being handed Oscar gold for his impersonation (let’s call it what it is, folks) of Truman Capote, the nasal-emoting actor has picked his next project, a gloomy-sounding drama called The Savages. The Fox Searchlight movie already has potent fem-thesp Laura Linney, and together they’ll play siblings caring for their sickly estranged dad. The family fun is being handled by writer-director Tamara Jenkins (The Slums of Beverly Hills). Should be a real friggin’ blast!

Meanwhile, Hoffman will next be seen masticating the environment as the villain of Mission: Impossible III, which has the potential to actually be a good summer movie. Note that I did not say it will make sense, however.