It’s been leaked for some time, but if you’re not an asshole who couldn’t wait to see it legit and didn’t care to brave the wizarding masses, go to Facebook and check it out. I’ll warn you that it’s still barely HD, for some unacceptable reason.

I have to say, this looked great in IMAX, but it’s nice to be able to take a closer look. The crumbling building motif looks as good or better in motion than it did on the first poster, and while I think the overall editing is clunky, the trailer has an effective tone. Per usual, Nolan has a wonderful way of capturing the small physical moments that sell power, fear, and fatigue. There’s lot of menace in that final shot of Bane approaching Bats.

I still wish they’d just put it the fuck out in legitimate HD though. I’m baffled by studios that allow garbage quality trailer to come be let out of the gate on movies of this scale. Ridiculous.

Still we’re a year away yet, so enjoy it!