We can’t get enough Asian cinema around here… so it’s a good thing Tartan is our new bestest friend! And lucky for you, we’re willing to share. Ah, friends with benefits.

You’re gonna see a whole lot of coverage of Tartan’s catalog on CHUD soon enough, but for now we’ve got some copies of the Marebito DVD to give away to fellow fans of international frights. The movie comes from Japanese director Takashi Shimizu, finally ditching his Ju-on/The Grudge series for this low-budget quickie (shot in eight days on digital video) to produce an unsettling little experimental horror flick.

In the movie, a freelance cameraman catches a suicide on film and becomes obsessed with fear. Investigating the site of the death in a dank subway tunnel, he believes he locates a mythical “gateway to hell” when he finds a young fanged woman chained to a rock. He brings her back to “our world”, and discovers that she can only survive by consuming blood.

Want to see more of what you’re in for? Check out the following exclusive clips!



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