I’ve gotta hand it to the marketing department at Fox. Or at least the people who assembled the trailer for X-Men 3 (which I still refuse to call The Last Stand) — they’ve certainly got their act together more than whatever misled souls have been unleashing those abominable publicity photos onto the internets.

Now, we’ve been railing on this movie for months, and with just cause — director Brett Ratner historically isn’t someone with much cinematic vision (unless you consider the Rush Hour movies to be epics), the script has purportedly been pieced together all through production, the movie is being rushed to make its release date, some of the costumes look pretty ridiculous, and our "inside man" has reported a fair share of horror stories during the shoot and post-production.

But I’ll be Maggott, Marrow and Shatterstar if that trailer doesn’t indicate something almost… decent. Ratner (or at least his cinematographer and/or second unit director) displays something bordering on style and scope, the costumes look more acceptable — or at least less ludicrous — in motion (a common theme with this type of film), and the story seems moderately engaging, even if the screen looks jammed with appearances from every third-rate mutant that Chris Claremont ever dredged from his head. But judge for yourself.