Is everything back to normal? Are you feeling a little left behind, unsheltered, or possibly awards-envious? (More importantly – Mr. Yari, are you okay?) Looks like we’ve got 365 days more to stew in our own juices, or just whittle the time away dropping cash on better DVDs than this years’ Best Picture winner. Although should all else despair, you could always cuddle up with a Corona with some of your foreign friends.

Bottoms Up!

Special! The decidedly British adventures of witchcraft and wizardry get an influx of pop-puberty through its entire quivering libido in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (read Devin’s positive review). Even though the TriWizard Tournament is raging throughout Hogwarts, Harry, Ron, and a hard-partying Hermione also have to deal with growing up even moreso than usual. There’s a gigantic ball to be dealt with (more on the way!), dancing to be done, and even a flustering of sexuality as our heroes struggle with exactly it means. Speaking of which, Director Mike Newell (“hey… sounds catchy”) and screenwriter Steve Kloves adroitly adapt the behemoth fourth novel into a rousing adventure tale that understands its roots in those awkward childhood developments that will change Harry forever. And while a smidgen lesser than Alfonso Cuaron’s Prisoner of Azkaban, Newell’s foray into the world of Rowling is nonetheless spectacular – sheer imagination runs the gamut and disappointment can only follow for those hardcore Potterites Wide!who lament everything in their silly ways. Still, Goblet of Fire is one of the better non-vanilla Potter films and it’s quite a gaze into the future of even your own life. It’s filled with sexual frustration, confusion, and great imaginary flights of fancy.

Everyone loves a rebel – with: The Widescreen version, which features nothing! The 2-Disc Special Edition comes with additional scenes, some conversations with the cast (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint), Preparing for the Yule Ball, Reflections on the Fourth Film, Triwizard Tournament, Dragon Arena: Dragon Challenge, Harry vs. the Horntail: The First Task, Meet the Champions, Triwizard Tournament, Lake: Lake Challenge, In Too Deep: The Second Task, Triwizard Tournament, Maze: Maze Challenge, To the Graveyard and Back Challenge, The Maze: The Third Task, He Who Must Not Be Named, some DVD-ROM features (EA Game Demo, Hogwarts Timeline, Web Interactivity), and the film’s theatrical trailer.

CEWhen there’s nothing to accomplish in wartime, just what the hell does one do? In the case of Sam Mendes’ filmic Gulf War I adaptation of Anthony Swofford’s Jarhead (read Devin’s positive review and then check out his interview with Marine Michael Vlasaty right here), it’s sitting around as everyone else seems to be having more fun, especially Topper Harley. The real breaking points seem to come from malaise and strife over the thoughts of the troops as they are lead (by bastardly cool hoo-hah!’ing Jaime Foxx) into the fight without so much as a fight in the outward sense. So there are a lot of other repercussions that follow – hydrating being the most important, and the other has Swofford (played by the consistently clothes shedding Jake Gyllenhaal) discovering all sorts of emotional parables. In the end, I was conflicted with Mendes’ film (hell, it looks great as per Roger Deakens amazing visual accoutrements) since not much happens and there’s quite a final development that passes by with not so much a quick wrap-up than a more nurturing thought process (something Mendes had done better in his spectacular Road to Perdition). The first Gulf War was indeed hellacious, but it’s also kind of non-resonant in this film.

Wide DVD The Bible says thou shalt not kill. Now hear this… FUCK THAT SHIT – with: The Widescreen edition, which has audio commentaries with Mendes, Screenwriter William Broyles, Jr. & Author Anthony Swofford, some deleted scenes with optional audio commentary from Mendes and Editor/Genius Walter Murch, "Swoff’s Fantasies" with commentary from Mendes and Murch, and New Interviews in Full with commentary from Mendes and Murch. The Collector’s Edition comes with all of the above and "Jarhead Diaries" with Introduction by Director Sam Mendes – A look at the personal video diaries created by the talent of their experiences on the set, "Background" with Introduction by Director Sam Mendes – Cameras follow the lives of the real U.S. Marines who appeared as extras in the film, and "Semper Fi: Life After the Corps" with Introduction by Director Sam Mendes and Audio Introduction by Author Anthony Swofford – Anthony Swofford and Laura Nix interview former U.S. Marines about their experiences re-integrating into civilian life.

PrimeBen Younger, the dude behind the adequate Boiler Room, decided to go a different cinematic route than being pigeonholed and focuses his energies on your personal deranged fantasies. In Prime, a 23-year old delves into a hot-and-heavy relationship with the much-older Uma Thurman, much to the chagrin of Thurman’s therapist (Meryl Streep). Surprise comes when Streep also happens to be her conquest’s own Mother. Now I understand in most situations you’d have to tell Mom to step back and chill out (“She’s my Bride! Plus – look at her toes!” – you might say, channeling a much verbally choppier Tarantino). Younger has monkey wrenches thrown all into the mix with the polarization of the chiseled Brian Greenberg as the films inexperienced young’un and the uppity emotional rollercoaster Streep rides while shunning the things she hears about her own mini-her during closed session freakouts. Prime is a mixed experience that might have benefited if you could have infused your own way of having older women like you into the narrative. Besides Grandma.

His penis was so beautiful I wanted to knit it a little hat – with: audio commentary with Younger and Producer Jennifer Todd (no relation, I think), some deleted scenes, some outtakes, the feature Prime-Time Players, and that’s it.

TO!Johnny To’s balls-to-the wall Breaking News opens with a most audacious tracking shot coupled against the relative violence of a Police shootout gone horribly off-kilter. Even Russ was astounded in his mini-review (click here and scroll to the bottom) because To’s skills as a master chieftain of honor among thieves are wonderful to behold (and repeat after me as I do everyday – I will seek out The Mission and I will enjoy it. I will seek out The Mission…). Breaking News is To’s exploration of the media in more modern times, as Television Cameras were capturing the botched shootout and the Police’s image has skyrocketed downward into an Americanized 34% zone. In order to recapture the public’s trust and respect, they quickly stage their own PR offensive sparing no expense, even when it comes time to round up the criminals that ruined everything to begin with. The setting explodes before them all – a huge warehouse filled with cameras from both sides. Who will win? Who will broadcast an AICN ‘first!’? The latter is most likely you, but make sure to check To’s effortless spinning of the truth lest ye be bludgeoned into a mushy pile of “u r suxorz 4not c-ing this!!one!!!” on our Message Boards.

Extras include – a deleted scene, a Making-of featurette, some bonus previews, and the film’s theatrical trailer.

BettyAnother one of Miramax’s great-dump offs is Undertaking Betty (or as it was known hence prior – Plots with a View). You’d think with such an eclectic cast – Alfred Molina, Brenda Blethyn, Lee Evans, Naomi Watts, and WALKEN – that the story of the competitive world of undertaking would have been foisted upon our decaying souls. Molina is a man named Plotz whose currently-married crush (Blethyn) would be of better use to him as dead as your dignity. Considering they wish to fake her death and marry somewhere in secret. But there are caveats to hustle around. There’s the American competition Frank Featherbed (Walken; being purely zany) offering up Americanized “theme” funerals (Star Trek being the first – with smoke and mirrors) to revolutionize people’s stodgy afterlife sendoffs. It’s not a terribly entertaining film, but Undertaking Betty certainly will keep you distracted in knowing that you maybe a King or a lowly Street Sweeper, but sooner or later – we all fucking explode into death.

You’re dead already. You just don’t know it – with: "The Fun in Funeral: The Making of Undertaking Betty" featurette.

seriously? GODDAMNITAmy Smart, whom you so lusted after in infamy in Road Trip, now gives Ryan Reynolds the coldest of all shoulders in Just Friends. Thankfully, Chris Brander has changed since High School – six-pack abs and fighting the DeFeo demons in dilapidated housing will do that to you. Now, as a scumbag record producer, he jumps into a tricky situation with the psychotic Anna Faris lusting after his cajones as he returns to his humble abode. And more naturally, a whole slew of former friends whom really haven’t done much with their lives, Smart included. Based on an idea from BenderSpink’s own Chris Bender (the film’s producer whose own life, I miraculously hear, is based fairly liberally from this story), Just Friends will have Reynold’s own former determinations make yet another sprint at the “For 10 years, I’ve wanted to touch you like Hurt in Body Heat” line with hi-larious consequences. And by the last part I mean I heard this movie was in complete and utter lockstep in coming from the trash department. Something you’d expect from the Director of Cruel Intentions and The Sweetest Thing.

I’m sorry I’m not poor! I’m sorry I don’t have a fat ass – with: audio commentary from director Roger Kumble, writer Adam "Tex" Davis, producer Christ Bender, co-producer Jake Weiner, executive producers Richard Brener and Cale Boyter, some deleted scenes with optional commentary with director Roger Kumble, writer Adam "Tex" Davis and producer Chris Bender, nine behind-the-scenes featurettes (NINE?), a blooper reel, the “Jaime Smiles” music video, and the film’s theatrical trailer.

Girl 6Spike Lee’s jump into the seedy world of Phone Sex (and transporting that action from Nebraska into New York) is the somewhat infuriating Girl 6 (CHUD’s DVD review is coming – and yes, pun heavily, shamelessly intended). I say that, because like Lee’s Bamboozled or even She Hate Me, the film has these tremendously good intentions (or should I say scenes) besotted with fractured events that don’t quite gel cohesively in a cinematic sense. Lee’s command of filmmaking is still what sets him apart from others of his generation, and Girl 6’s honest moments from Lee’s own cameo as a next door neighbor are some of his best. Working with magnificent playwright Suzan-Lori Parks’s first screenplay, Lee uses his usual hallmarks coupled with an odd array of cameos (look for Madonna, Tarantino, and John Cameron Mitchell), but it’s Theresa Randle’s grounded performance that really heats up throughout. Recommended, but with reservations. Like the 1-900 kind.

I’m going to mount you Snoopy Doggy Dogg style, housewife – with: The Making of Girl 6, Behind-the-Scenes of Girl 6, a TV spot, and the film’s theatrical trailer.

Hayao Miyazaki fans (and there should be more if they only knew) need to be particularly espoused in the most erotic way for a three-peat of goodness: Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, and Whisper of the Heart, the latter title being the least-well known. While you’re surely awaiting CHUD’s DVD reviews of each one, the animation techniques and storytelling fancies abounding in Miyazaki and his cohorts minds is astounding. Visuals pop like those zits on your face. Stories fracture even more than your waffling tendencies to cut Hefewiesen out of your diet, and even the characters are more memorable than your entire D&D ‘Cult.’ In short, all of these films are worthwhile if only to expand your mind to the endless possibilities of such visual marvels. If you don’t, you’re just like Tom Cruise said when wondering why you’d do that – “a jerk.”


Howl’s features include – an Interview with Pixar Animation Director Pete Docter, Hayao Miyazaki visits Pixar Animation Studios, the feature Behind-the-microphone, some storyboards, and TV spots and theatrical trailers. My Neighbor Totoro’s 2-Disc SE includes Behind The Microphone With Dakota Fanning And Elle Fanning, Complete Storyboards—Get An Insider’s Look At The Film’s Artistry, Opening And Closing Animation (Without Credits), and the original Japanese theatrical trailer. Whisper of the Heart includes: Behind The Microphone With The Voice Talent Including Brittany Snow, Courtney Thorne-Smith, David Gallagher and Cary Elwes, Complete Storyboards—Get An Insider’s Look At The Film’s Artistry, and the film’s original Japanese trailer.

Chances are, even if you’re a slight fan of noir, you’ll want to check out Fox’s continuation of their Noir Series. This month, their 5th wave, has a few decisive titles from filmmakers are diverse as Joseph L. Mankiewicz (All About Eve) with his treatise on racism in America with No Way Out, Otto Preminger (Exodus) and his great emotively broken Fallen Angel, and the late great Robert Wise (The Haunting) with House on Telegraph Hill, a movie with a terrific Valentina Cortese performance as she escapes the Nazis. Noir films have always held a special place in my heart, considering I also like to throw old Women in wheelchairs down stairs.

NO WAY OUTFallenHouse

No Way Out comes with audio commentary from Film Noir Historian Eddie Muller and Susan Andrews, several galleries (publicity, production, and unit production), trailers for Fallen Angel and House on Telegraph Hill and the film’s own theatrical trailer. Fallen Angel comes with audio commentary from Film Noir Historian Eddie Muller, several galleries (poster, production, unit production, and a special shoot), trailers for
Fallen Angel and House on Telegraph Hill and the film’s own theatrical trailer. Finally, House on Telegraph Hill has audio commentary with Film Noir Historian Eddie Muller, two galleries (publicity and photo), Fox Movietone News for Richard Widmark Puts Imprints in Cement, trailers for Dark Corner, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Laura, and the film’s own theatrical trailer.

Tuesday also has these wondrous DVDs upchucked through their shipping schemes and into your horny hands. Traffic’s Criterion Collection gets another shot out of rehab, so astutely ATTACK! (and make sure to see it, asshole), Gregory Peck honorably pines Zu WarriorsI Walk the Line, and eventhe original Shaggy Dog comes shedding into your house just in time (coincidence!) for the Tim Allen horrible shit fest.

KeatonDen o LionsTenants

Ahoy There

Ahoy!When Terrence Malick makes a brand new film, it’s cause for curiosity. The recluse filmmaker’s current output is increasing faster than ever – he took a 19 year absence between the gorgeous masterpiece Days of Heaven to make the fairly amazing Thin Red Line. The latter being a movie I’ve since warmed to after hating it a lot, in between producing the spectacular Undertow. So when he takes less than 7 years to put together The New World (read Devin’s ‘sloppy, messy’ take right here and then Russ’ spitfire “it’s just dull escapism” review here) you have to at least be intrigued. Or should I say, I am. Malick’s story, based on the 1607 exploration of the British to the New World, completes itself with Captain John Smith (Colin Farrell) in tow and Christopher Plummer (as himself) commanding the vessel. Things become particularly nasty towards the aggressors and the aggresses, in between the indefinable nature of love with Pocahontas (Q’orianka Kilcher) and Smith blossoming against all of Max Von Sydow’s odds. The end result being that we destroyed everything in order for you to get tasty Subway on the corner. Malick’s film is the subject of some controversy between some film purists and others who don’t care (i.e. the general public). He and New Line released the film into selected theatres over the Holidaze and quickly retracted it, cutting out more than a few moments. Then, they re-released it wider a few weeks later, and that’s the result that is coming onto DVD on 5.09.06. One can only hope, nay pray, that Malick releases the wider cut that infuriated Devin and Russ so much. That’s the version we need to see.

Dig up Virginia, boys – with: Making the New World documentary and the film’s theatrical trailer. Malick doesn’t ever do commentaries, or even show up for Award Shows/Publicity so we’re all out of luck.

Match!Woody Allen has fallen on some hard times with American audiences, particularly because it seems that everyone has abandoned his filmmaking ship. In came Britain to the rescue, with their patented life-saving brand of respect (and above all funding cashola) and the first of assuredly many collaborations was Match Point (read Devin’s wonderful interview with Scarlett and Jonathan right here) – arriving on 4.25.06. The film I hear is quite good, but you don’t care anyway since the saliva running down your open mouth is only for Scarlett Johansson. You might want to beware, as her character is an American actress who falls into the sort of wrong relationship with a recently married fledgling British noob (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers). And by wrong I mean dead wrong. Quite literally. Although whom, I can’t spill any beans – I haven’t seen it yet. Woody Allen’s been rather prolific lately (and his interview with the NY’er, if you can find it, is quite filled with copious greatness) so even though we uncultured swine have abandoned his films (granted, they have been b-a-d) that still means some former genius might poke through to the surface. And yes, Brian Cox does make an appearance.

Do you feel guilty? – with: MONO SOUND! – yes, a Woody Allen staple. Extras are TBA.

Read about the long awaited DVD From Beyond right here! Devin says the words more eloquently.

YES!Entourage is one of my guilty pleasure shows so it was only natural for things to get out of hand during the show’s Second Season (arriving on the mark of the beast – 6.06.06). Adrian Grenier’s Vinny Chase got thorough wrapped up with NH-ite Mandy Moore over a dying spark of a former fling and it quickly impacted everything from his leading role option on James Cameron’s Aquaman (yes, a little tongue-in-cheek action is provided by the man playing himself – on helicopters and with Dale motherfucking Dye) to his housemate situation. Then, if things couldn’t get any stranger, the writers decided to send Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Drama (Kevin Dillon) on their own little mini-adventures, leaving Kevin Connolly’s manager/friend/asshole post to clean up in the bottom of the 8th while Jeremy Piven’s supremely great wunderAgent Ari kept chipping away – flaring up his agency boss (Malcolm McDowell) in the process. Entourage is addictive show (like that $20 crack I buy on Vine) and worthy of whatever time you can throw at it. I hope it’ll stick around; the chemistry between the lads is riotous fun. You’ll even feel like you’re your own Hollywood insider poseur after hugging it out, you bitch.

Tse-tse fly – with: Extras that are TBA.

Fists of Region Free Fury

Fist cry!Ryu Seung-wan’s Arahan might have been entirely zany – especially with its signature palm blast (a phrase that has now just entered my mighty lexicon) and more serious forms of ch’i. Fans of that might be curious to know Seung-wan’s switched gears in a more somber tone, offering up Crying Fist as a result. Again, along with his brother Ryoo Seung-beom, a petty thief who just can’t seem to catch a break. Enter boxing as a way of overcoming life’s injustices that slam him right in the face. On the opposite end is beaten down Choi Min-sik (whom you might remember as Oldboy), a washed-up fighter whose main MO is now street performing – in terms of him charging a fee to pummel him on the streets. So with nothing to lose, both men enter the challenging ring once again. Destiny awaits, and both are ready to reclaim their former glory. Except that there are problems along the way. Crying Fist has been garnering a lot of positive buzz, considering that Ryu Seung-wan is allegedly the Korea’s answer to Q.T., but without the Icelandic Girl fetish.

Palm Blast! – with: Korean DTS and Korean 5.1 Audio Options, English subtitles, audio commentary with Asian cinema expert Bey Logan, ‘The Making Of Crying Fist‘ documentary, some cast & crew interviews, ‘Boxing Is My Life‘ featurette, some deleted scenes, and a trailer gallery. This is a Region 2 PAL DVD, requiring the use of a Region Free DVD Player. Or maybe just a party at the infamous Dan Whitehead’s house.

Drowning GhostMikael Haftstrom brought us Americans the dreadfully mediocre Derailed – a movie that actually ruins itself within the first three minutes, spilling out the secret in Voice Over (and, as Robert McKee so egregiously belted – god help you!). Still, he’s quite prolific over in his native Sweden, cranking out scary titles like Miike does insanely great crazy ones (although Miike is like some kind of mad filmic scientist on a barmy drug rush). In Drowning Ghost, Haftstrom returns to his Evil roots, about a local student finding himself involved with mysterious occurrences surrounding a local legend about a Man who returns from the Reaper every year and reclaims 3 young victims. Swedish horror stories are quite new to me so consider me intrigued, supportive, and curiously destroyed as I normally am to check this out.

Boogedy boo – with: Swedish DTS and Swedish 5.1 Audio, English subtitles, a behind-the-scenes featurette and a music video. This is a Region 2 PAL DVD, requiring the use of someone from Sweden’s DVD player.

Hard Out Here for a DVD Reviewer

You sporadic readers like giving zero-to-no feedback.

2/28: Pride & Prejudice, Walk the Line, The Ice Harvest, 3 Extremes, Lady and the Tramp (our DVD review is coming!), Where the Truth Lies, Werewolves on Wheels (Ian’s DVD Rack review), Kind Hearts and Coronets: Criterion, Dog Day Afternoon: SE, Network: SE, The Controversial Classics Collection Vol. 2: Power of Media, Yours, Mine and Ours, C.O.P.S.: Animated Series, Axe, House of 9 (Jeremy’s DVD Rack here), The Losers (Wade’s DVD Rack review), Death Tunnel, Dog Eat Dog!, The Visitation, and Natural City. Read last weeks Special Edition after complaining about the Oscars right here.

2/21: Domino (CHUD’s DVD review is coming!), Class of 1984: Special Edition, The Weather Man, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie, North Country, Action – Complete Series (Dave’s DVD review), Rent, Pulse (Ian’s DVD review), All the President’s Men: Special Edition, Midnight Cowboy: Special Edition (this transfer is quite horrendous – such a shame), Separate Lies, Seat Filler, First Descent, Memory of a Killer, Stuart Little 3, NYPD Blue: Season Three, Week-end in Havana, The Pin-Up Girl, and Daddy Long Legs. This old Special Edition is confused by the new Medicare laws.

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Sometimes a title says it all. Although, like usual, be on the lookout for certain Sale titles. Most of the time in order to shamelessly throw the remaining stock at you some stores will decide that their sale is in Fullscreen only. That’s grounds for punishment. Or at least a thorough Tuco-esque yelling of son of a bitch.

Additionally, we’re trying out a new color this week. When you see something shaded like this, that means that you can purchase it at other stores for the same price. Your feedback on this issue is greatly appreciated, since I think it might make it too rainbow-colored.

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You’ll probably want to check out THIS MESSAGE BOARD THREAD for other Region Free DVD options as well.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: SE is $24.55
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is $20.95
Jarhead: Collectors is $27.97
Jarhead is $21.59
Prime is $21.95
Just Friends is $21.74
Undertaking Betty is $21.59
Breaking News is $13.09
Girl 6 is $8.99
Zu Warriors is $21.59
Fallen Angel is $10.33
No Way Out is $10.33
House on Telegraph Hill is $10.33
Police Woman: Season One is $40.17
Howl’s Moving Castle is $21.59
My Neighbor Totoro is $21.59
Whisper of the Heart is $21.59
Babylon 5: Complete First Four Seasons is $174.19
Sucker Free City is $16.03
Reefer Madness 2005 is $16.03
Laura: Fox Noir is $8.64
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: SE is $19.99
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is $14.99
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: SE is $22.99 + get a FREE Exclusive 3-D Cover
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is $15.99
Jarhead: Collectors is $24.99
Jarhead is $16.99
Prime is $19.99
Just Friends is $16.99
Undertaking Betty is $20.99
Breaking News is $13.99
Girl 6 is $9.99
Zu Warriors is $20.99
Fallen Angel is $9.99
No Way Out is $9.99
House on Telegraph Hill is $9.99
Police Woman: Season One is $34.99
Howl’s Moving Castle is $19.99
My Neighbor Totoro is $19.99
Whisper of the Heart is $19.99
$6.50 DVDsCharlotte‘s Web, Romeo Must Die, Memphis Belle, Plains, Trans & Automobiles, and House of 1000 Corpses
$10 DVDsHarry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Aviator, Racing Stripes, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Phantom of the Opera

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: SE is $22.99
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is $13.99 + get a FREE Lithograph with purchase
Jarhead is $17.99
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Just Friends is $17.99
Undertaking Betty is $24.99
Breaking News is $17.99
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No Way Out is $12.99
House on Telegraph Hill is $12.99
Police Woman: Season One is $39.99
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My Neighbor Totoro is $19.99
Whisper of the Heart is $19.99
Batman Begins and Crash are $9.99 EACH.
$9.99 SALE for Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban
$14.99 DVDsCinderella Man, Hustle & Flow, The Corpse Bride, and The Constant Gardener
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2 for $15 DVDs (must be purchased on same receipt) - Half Baked : Fully Baked Edition, American Pie, Pitch Black, Old School Unrated, Major Payne, 12 Monkeys: Special Edition, Deliver Us From Eva, Antz, Eurotrip, What Lies Beneath, U-571, The Bourne Identity, Midway: Collector’s Edition, Fast Times at Ridgemont High: Special Edition, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, and The Bone Collector

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: SE is $20.99
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is $14.99
Jarhead: Collectors is $32.99 (OVERPRICED!)
Jarhead is $16.99 + get a FREE Jarhead Dogtag (+ purchase either Rundown or Seabiscuit for $20)
Prime is $17.99
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Undertaking Betty is $24.99
Breaking News is $14.99
Girl 6 is $15.99
Zu Warriors is $19.99
Fallen Angel is $9.99
No Way Out is $9.99
House on Telegraph Hill is $9.99
Buster Keaton Collection is $17.99
Police Woman: Season One is $49.99
Howl’s Moving Castle is $19.99
My Neighbor Totoro is $19.99
Whisper of the Heart is $19.99
War of the Worlds is $14.99
Spike Lee Joint Collection is $16.99
$8.99 SALE for Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban
$14.99 Buy 2 Get 1 FREE DVDsBatman Begins, Tommy Boy: Holy Schnike Edition, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Dukes of Hazzard: Unrated, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: Bueller…. Bueller Edition, Stealth, House of Wax, The Gospel, Monster, Dumb & Dumber: Unrated, Pulp Fiction, Groundhog Day: Special Edition, Ong Bak: The Warrior and Underworld: Unrated Extended Director’s Cut

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