frefI hate to bring you such bad news on the weekend, but it looks like Darren Aronofsky won’t be directing an episode of Lost. At least not this season. The director has dropped out due to his impending fatherhood – look for Rachel Weisz to be preggers at the Oscars tonight. He’s also busy prepping his next film, an adaptation of the book Flicker.

It’s too bad, because while Lost had suffered in quality at the beginning of the season, when too much time was spent on the very lame Tailies, things have really picked up – the last few episodes have been especially exciting and filled with paradigm-twisting reveals. I’ve been really jazzed by the recent turns of events that seem to be setting the castaways up for a metaphorical war on terror, with the Others as putative terrorists. Jack and Sayid and Locke even have their own Gitmo in the hatch these days, complete with a guy in an orange shirt.

When I talked to Aronofsky last fall he was pretty interested in the show, so I think he’ll still be interested in doing an episode, just when the timing is better. I wonder if he isn’t going to hold off on directing until his episode would coincide with the release of The Fountain, which still has no date – but I’ve heard rumors of late fall, which make me hopeful for some kind of an Oscar campaign. The next Oscars, I mean.