Rocky Balboa be Sylvester Stallone’s last chance? It’s easy to forget that Rocky was a celebrated film, and that Stallone earned both Best Actor and Best Screenplay Oscar nominations for it in 1977 (by the way, getting those two nods for the same film put Stallone in the same company as Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles. I shit you not). Word is that Rocky Balboa is Stallone trying again to get that credibility he squandered with essentially every other film he made – and the new teaser trailer, which only shows Rocky’s beat up eyes, accompanied by a serious monologue, indicates that this is true. Of course, early reports on the script indicate that he’s not salvaging anything.

The teaser had popped up on the increasingly popular and great site youtube – click here to check it out. It’s short, and I think the only conclusion we can draw with any certainty is that this film is coming out in December of 2006. If Rocky Balboa doesn’t revive Stallone’s serious career, next year’s Rambo IV could still revive his cheesy one.