Obviously it’s not an official franchise, but do you think we’ll be seeing Bad Doctor and Bad Lawyer soon? Maybe Bad Plumber or Bad Gynocologist? Actually, I guess that last one would just be a Dead Ringers remake. Regardless, I’d say that if a Xmas 2012 sequel to Bad Santa does anywhere near as well as Bad Teacher did this summer, then we could see a whole new title-based genre of bigs stars taking a turn at the cranky. And let’s be clear: Miramax and Dimension want a new Bad Santa, so much so that they’ve commissioned two scripts to be written simultaneously, so they can move forward with the best of them, or even turn them into back-to-back sequels!


The two unknown writers are scribes that are in the good graces with the studios for as-yet-unproduced scripts and they’ve been tasked with taking their own approaches to another turn with Billy Bob in the Saint Nick costume. The studios will then fast track whichever script they want to see done first, and get a film ready for the 2012 holiday season. Billy Bob is on board, though none of the other original cast or filmmakers are currently involved. Frankly, all I really need to hear is that one of the scripts figure in The Kid, and we get to see Brett Kelly make his return. I love Bad Santa, but I’m not really sure this is a great idea. I know it’s quite popular, but I think Bad Teacher is an example of how you can absolutely fuck up a raunchy misanthropic comedy involving children. Bad Santa was successful because the humor was genuinely hateful, though ultimately the film itself is heartwarming. There’s got to be a real streak of immorality and outright cruelty in this kind of thing for a dark comedy to be worthwhile, so I hope whatever script they pick pushes it.

Hit the comments, hit the boards, hit the tweets… but let me know if you care to see Bad Santa 2, or if you’d like to see more dark comedies about people who are shitty at their jobs…

Source | LA Times (via AV Club)