So what does one do when one completes the last entry in the massive franchise one has devoted one’s life to for so many years? One.

You laugh again at all the hundreds of millions you’ve made for the most powerful studio in the world and you take your pick of ┬áthe cool shit you’d like to do, and they’d like to see you do.

The folks at Vulture put together a nice rundown of what director David Yates could be up to, and it breaks down like this…

The Stand — Warner Brothers is looking at a big-budget adaptation of the series, with an eye towards multiple films, or even a trilogy. This one is active, as Yates might be taking the meeting about it literally as you read this.

Cicero: Yates himself is behind the development of this potential biopic franchise at WB, which would take on the rise of Al Capone. Potential follow-ups would cover the rest of the story. With Boardwalk Empire’s popularity and Gangster Squad getting so many at WB’s panties in a bunch to get made, I have no doubt he could get this rolling if he cared to. Even more interesting? Tom Hardy is on board, and might even be game to squeeze it in after The Dark Knight and before Mad Max.

Fable – This seems to be the backup project WB is waving under Yates’ nose. The well-regarded graphic novel from Vertigo would serve as the basis, but obviously modern day fairy tale material wouldn’t be much of a change up for the director.

This Is Where I Leave You – This would be a smaller effort (which is something Yates has said he’d like to do before jumping into a blockbuster again), and it’s based on the best-selling farcical novel about funerals by┬áJonathan Tropper.

Yates obviously still has some promotional duties to wrap up on Potter, but I expect we’ll hear something about his decision sooner rather than later.

Which would you like to see him tackle? Twitter, comments, boards… pick one and toss out some words.

(via Collider)