I’ve seen some glee taken in the reports of the Akira project collapsing at Warner Brothers several times, and I must admit to being amused by the notion that Akira is just too much for the studio. This is a company that’s now administrating the record-breaking release of the most successful franchise of all time, based around 8 blockbuster films produced in less than 10 years that retained virtually every cast member. I’m fairly certain they can handle an action flick about a guy who morphs into a psychic blob. If they want the movie made, it’s going to get made.

And so it seems the reports of the projects demise (for the fourth or fifth time) are decidedly incorrect, even if they do correlate with a change in the studio’s approach. Presumably concerned about the property’s overall appeal and ability to crossover into something more than pandering to a cult-following (as they should be), the studio has restructured the budget to dip to a mere $90m. They’re also seeking a filmmaker who can color within the budgetary lines, and do so competently. Orphan-director Jaume Collet-Serra is said budget-conscious gentleman who is also responsible for the solidly profitable Unknown, and will move forward with WB to get this thing made.

Guys, Isabelle Fuhrman could be in the Akira movie.

Remember, Leo Dicaprio’s company is still involved, original creator Kastuhiro Otomo is still involved, and there’s also a new draft of the script forged by Harry Potter screenwriter Steve Klove. And again, no Keanu. It sounds to me like the studio’s finally gotten all the pieces of the puzzle in place, and we could hear more definitive news soon. I imagine most Akira fans are eager to hear casting notices, with those decision likely to make or break any optimism they might hold.

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Source | Variety (via /Film)