Fans of physical torment and freaky puppets, rejoice! I’m not sure just how worthy Saw really is of an ongoing movie franchise, but it’s hard to argue with a profit margin.

And thus the official announcement of Saw III, already planning to slice thrice with a release on October 27th 2006, even though they’re still working on the script. Not that it really mattered twice already.

The first two Saw movies proved exponentially profitable both theatrically and on DVD, so a third torture experiment isn’t a shock (we’ve been assured that it won’t be titled S3W, at least). Saw II director Darren Lynn Bousman is returning for the triple threat, with the original film’s team Leigh Whannell and James Wan working on the story.

According to the production company Twisted Pictures: "We believe that we are developing a script that is certain to please the Saw franchise’s core fans while adding fresh, terrifying and unimaginable new twists to the Saw saga.  Jigsaw himself would be proud."

And yeah, there will be more blood. There had better be, considering the Halloween movie season is already getting crowded with The Grudge 2 and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel and/or the Friday the 13th relaunch.