Brick is Rian Johnson’s debut as a director, and it’s an audacious one. Johnson, who also wrote the dense script, took a noir story and set it in a Southern California high school – and didn’t make a joke out of it. he makes the genre mash-up actually work, and he makes a really good movie out of it. Also, Rian is a regular reader of the site, so you know that he must be some sort of cinematic supergenius.

We have two exclusive images from the film, hitting at the end of the month, to share with you. First up is this scene, featuring Lucas Haas in the creepy, clubfooted goth drug kingpin role he was born to play, facing off against his angry muscleheaded right hand man – played by Sam from Josh & S.A.M. (Noah Fleiss)!

The next is the criminally sexy Meagen Good, playing Kara the wicked vamp, backstage at the high school play. It’s amazing how Johnson took noir character types and seamlessly integrated them into high school, and Kara is a perfect example.

Of course note star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in both shots. Look for an exclusive interview with Rian Johnson soon!