My Name is Earl is that rarest of sitcom – it has a creative premise, it’s well-written and it’s genuinely funny, thanks mostly to the comic timing of its cast (astonishingly, it’s still on the air). But best of all, offsetting the prevailing white-trash aesthetic of Jason Lee and show-bro Ethan Suplee is not one but two ridiculously sexy gals, tight-bodied trailer queen Jaime Pressly and sultry Latino housekeeper Nadine Velazquez.

As she continues to recover from appearances in Biker Boyz, Blast! and House of the Dead 2, the incendiary Velazquez will provide the obligatory eye candy in the otherwise testosterony action flick Rogue. Not to be confused with the Aussie killer-croc flick of the same name (one of several monster-gator movies in the works), Lionsgate’s movie pits an FBI agent (the suddenly ubiquitous Jason Statham) against an infamous Asian assassin (Jet Li, who was obviously misquoted as retiring from action movies), with Velazquez being a valid excuse to fight over.

Rogue is being directed by Phillip Atwell (The Shield), but the battles are being composed by Hong Kong chopsockey choreographer Corey Yuen, who handled the carnage on Statham’s Transporter movies as well as most of Li’s kung fu filmography.