For starters, I think we should implement drug testing on all people in the “ENTERTAINMENT” (and I use this phrase very, very, loosely) industry to which our children, seed of our loins, future leaders of the world, will be subjected to. Seriously, This movie was a toe-nail away from a promotional ad for hallucinogens. As if it weren’t bad enough that the Grammy’s — (as of late, little more than a “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND EQUIVALENT” for the music industry) saw fit to award a confirmed crack-whore and alcoholic who’s raspy voiced, back alley, 2 dollar prostitute of a name escapes me at the moment.But all this is trivial to the fact that people are still under the impression that the Wachowsky “SIBLINGS” are geniuses. I watched the Matrix movies repeatedly, they weren’t that good. On top of which, try as you might to explain it away, alot of the plot was poorly handled and alot of characters were just pointless representations of a hook that they had to attempt to spell out do to the lack of ability to show rather than tell.So we hand them the rights to a piss poor animated property like “SPEED RACER” and expect anything less than a steaming pile of digested puppy chow? This was doomed from the beginning. You know how the movie could have been better…well, it couldn’t have. Let’s face it, it wasn’t that good the first time we saw it…you remember, “DAYS OF THUNDER”. That’s right, you remember when Tom Cruise was normal. But this movie’s real handicaps was only exasperated by a 2nd rate cast and a smattering of crayola brand epileptic seizure lighting setups. Speed himself, I’m sorry, can anyone else take this kid seriously? He was great in “INTO THE WILD” but that was the limit of his talents thus far. “ALPHA DOG” wanted you to feel threatened by the guy, sorry, got a better chance of that if you had cast pennywise the dancing clown and threw him in a pair of eccos. The kid is another in a long line of geeks can be cool” actors. Geeks can be cool, just not this particular one.Casper girl? Was this really your fist choice? You want sex appeal and you hire her? She’s in no way hot. Well, she is in Tim Burton movies, but that could be because Tim has talent and can make anyone cool. Though he too disappointed me with that cheesball remake of Willy Wonka.Anyway, This movie was a joke, bad dialogue, horrible effects, bad cinematography, poor cast, horrible concept and a 2nd rate choice of directors/writers. It’s a hour and a half of “HEY, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO” that is set in a particular world that induces less than stellar awe and more than galactic brain spasms.This is a travesty of film the likes of Schumakers Batman movies and all proof of it ever existing should be taken to the deepest trench in the darkest ocean and dumped never to be spoken of again. As for the creative force behind this enigma of shitacular, they should be banned from making any film without the approval of a pains-takingly chosen committee of people devoted to preventing atrocities of cinema. Or next time they may just spawn the apocalypse. Yee have been warned!