For the next 30 days I’ll torture you with my stupid answer to the writing prompts taken from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and the 30 Day Song Challenge.  Here we go:


Twenty more days to go.  From the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry…



Writing Challenge – Day 10:  Something at which you’ve been a champion or the best.

I used to be good at drawing.  I also used to be a sculptor.  I don’t know how I’d fare in the arts now because I haven’t done it in years.  Life got in the way.  By the way, that’s just a lame excuse.  At the same time, I just don’t know why I stopped.  Drawing used to make me zone out from reality.  It was a great feeling.  I might have to consider getting back into the artsy stuff.

I also used to be a pretty damn quick knitter.  I was like a grandma.  I just remembered I owe someone a scarf.  Damn it…

Most importantly, I used to be able to quote every single line from The Matrix.  Needless to say, I was annoying.


Song Challenge – Day 10:   A song that makes you fall asleep.

I’ve had insomnia for many, many years.  It used to be pretty severe but now it sort of comes and goes.  Of all the things I tried to be able to sleep (counting sheep doesn’t work; who ever came up with that?), I found that concentrating on music helped me fall asleep.  It didn’t always work, but at the very least it helped me cope with the anxiety that comes with insomnia.  So basically, if I like a song, chances are it’ll but me to sleep, but in a good way.

There was a song I used to listen to religiously during those awful nights of despair.  It’s kind of an odd choice but it was comforting.

I’m Not Edible – Chris Vrenna