The Hollywood Reporter says that Edward Norton will be joining Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz in The Bourne Legacy, presumably playing the villain in the film.

That’d be great, wouldn’t it?  I personally love the idea of Norton playing the bad guy.  It’s something he rarely (read: never) does, and it’s something I’d really look forward to.  Although in a Bourne story/film, the villain is usually an assassin or government agent of some sort, right?  This film is slated to be a reboot (based on the 4th book which was not written by Robert Ludlum) focusing on a retired Bourne, so whether it really has much to do with the world and feel the first Matt Damon flick created (doubtful) or even more closely follows the book remains to be seen.

That being said, the type of villain he’d play would certainly be up in the air to those of us, my hand being raised, that have never read the book.  Although, a quick scan of Amazon points to an assassin named Khan.  Obvious opportunity for a Star Trek joke is gonna be ignored, folks.