Today marks the launch of DJ Caruso’s (Disturbia) next project Inside, which is not an American remake of the vicious french horror flick. Instead, it’s a different sort of horror/thriller, of which the beginning of production means something very different than your typical feature. You see Inside is going to be a socially interactive film, which has it’s star Emmy Rossum trapped Oldboy style in a mysterious room, locked up with only a brand-new Toshiba laptop and an internet connection to help here figure out where she is. You can also just picture Ryan Reynolds tweeting for help in Buried. Here’s the trailer…

While I’ve read all the material and still feel a little in the dark about exactly what’s happening, it seems that Inside will be presented on Monday July 25th at 2pm EST as a live, streaming movie experience with a crowd-sourced “choose your own adventure” element that will allow viewers to impact that path of the story. It will also give Youtubers, Facebookers, and tweeters the opportunity to be included in the film, even making feature cameos with speaking roles. If this sort of thing interests you, then that’s what you should be reading more about as they are accepting online auditions for these roles (link to that section below).

Now there’s a heavy branding element to the project as Intel and Toshiba hock their new laptop that is a star of the film, but it is admittedly a slick looking overall production. You’re probably going to see more of this as studios, filmmakers, and advertisers look for ways to leverage the social networking landscape that seems to be making “they” so much money. I’m not sure if there are plans to distribute the resulting “film” or how exactly the live project will be viewed and implemented, but you can interact with the production on any of the major social media platforms.

The film’s website is here, and will connect you to every portal for the film.

I have to say, there are worse ways you could spend a Monday afternoon then webcam’ing in a performance alongside the lovely Emmy Rossum (man, if she ever wins a TV award…), so if that piques your parts, the instructions for auditioning specifically are here.

People have made efforts like this before, does this one feel any different to you? If any chewers think about participating, I’d love to know about it- especially if I should watch out for you during the actual event! Tweet at me, lay something down in the comments, or take to the message boards to let us know what you think.