The folks who brought you the excellent I Love You Phillip Morris are back with a film that’s getting a legitimate and fair release! With stars! While I typically don’t go for this kind of film, the buzz on Crazy Stupid Love is excellent and the mixture of performers here is quite solid. It’s great to see Emma Stone maturing into a legit [Easy]A-lister. Gosling is always great and Kevin Bacon’s comedic chops are used way too rarely.

Note: Though the film is largely unsuccessful, Bacon’s manic performance in She’s Having a Baby kills me.

The film tells the story of a man (Steve Carell) whose relationship with his lady (Julianne Moore) flounders and experiences a subsequent rebound relationship with a new woman (Marisa Tomei) whilst making friends with a lothario (Ryan Gosling) who meets his match in a new woman (Emma Stone).

Good crew. Good cast. A good way to take your special someone out on the town for cheap! Follow this link to and hit me up. Screening is this Monday!  

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