Checking out Christopher Lloyd’s IMDB page, I had no friggin’ idea how much of a workaholic he is.  Sure, I knew he’s been in tons of shit over the years, but you scroll down his credits list and you end up thinking, jeez, does this guy ever sleep?  The newest project on his resume is going to be Dead Before Dawn, a Canadian indie from Wango films, starring Devon Bostick (Adoration).  The movie centers on college kids that accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into zombie demons, or zemons. It’s directed by April Mullen (GravyTrain).

Lloyd will play the occult shop-running grandfather of Casper Galloway (Bostick).  The film also stars Martha MacIsaac, Brandon Jay McLaren, Brittany Allen, Kevin McDonald and Rossif Sutherland and was written by Tom Doiron ( Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser).  Dead Before Dawn is currently shooting in Niagara Falls.  Lloyd will soon be seen in Piranha 3DD and Excuse Me For Living.

via THR