Dread Central broke the news last night, and this morning it’s official: The Evil Dead remake is underway. Under the supervision of the series’ founder Sam Raimi, the low budget redux is gearing up in Detroit. Raimi stalwart Bob Murawski is involved in some capacity (one would assume as editor) and the latest is that the film will be directed by newcomer Freddy Alvarez. Bruce Campbell basically confirmed all of this was indeed happening via his Twitter feed, though his involvement is unknown. His comment paraphrases as “It is happening and it will be scary.” Groovy.

So little is known about this remake, reboot, sequel or whatever that I have no real opinion on it at this point. People are already complaining that since Evil Dead 2 was in essence a remake of Evil Dead that this is twice redundant, but I say let the Ghost House boys do there thing before throwing stones. Who am I kidding, this is the internet. I take it as a good sign that Raimi himself is overlooking the project as he casts Oz: The Great and Powerful. Drag me To Hell proved in my mind that he still understands fun horror, so consider me cautiously optimistic.