A new official image from Spider-Man 3
is out and it’s damn revealing. That’s not a black and white image
above, according to Sony – it’s Spidey in a black costume. And we all
know what happens with Spider-Man’s black costume – that’s right, he
has to wash it in a different machine than his whites, which really
stresses Peter Parker’s limited budget. Also, it becomes Venom, one of
his lamer archnemeses.

Click here to
see the whole image in sheer hugeness, which is wonderful and evocative
and somehow better at capturing the somber superhero vibe than any of Batman Begins’ emo posters.

time: I like the black costume from the comics. It’s sleek and cool
looking, and doesn’t have the usual nonsense we expect from a superhero
costime. I don’t know why Sam Raimi and friends have opted to ditch
that awesome giant white spider on his chest and instead go with the
regular Spidey costume – painted another color!