casWhile the internets have been abuzz with Batman 2 rumors – half of Hollywood has been fantasy cast in this film, which will have a bigger cast of characters than Crisis On Infinite Earth if you believe the niche sites who fuel this nonsense – Warner Bros has been very quiet. Which is weird – the film did well enough to warrant a sequel, and God knows Hollywood loves making big announcements about a franchise while the latest one is still in theaters.

But now there’s some real movement – the studio has hired Jonah Nolan, director Christopher Nolan’s brother, to get working on a Batman Begins 2 script based on a treatment by David Goyer and Christopher Nolan. Current studio estimates put the sequel at 2008, establishing a 3-year gap between installments.

Christopher Nolan is not signed on for the sequel yet, by the way. There is an option on Christian Bale, so expect to see him in the Batsuit come ’08. Of course the hiring of Nolan’s brother really indicates that he will be returning to the director’s chair.

Less certain is Bryan Singer for a sequel to Superman Returns. Warner Bros wants him back as well, with a 2009 date eyed for the next film, but he still has Logan’s Run to do in the meantime – and may want to do The Mayor of Castro Street after that. I don’t know what kind of career Singer is looking to have, but if he wants to have any variety in it, he definitely shouldn’t leap from X-Men films to Superman to a sci-fi remake and back to Superman.