Apatow’s next film continues shaping up wonderfully,
and the addition of Anne Hathaway to the cast only makes it better. The film is
Knocked Up, and it promises to do for Seth Rogen what The 40 Year Old Virgin
did for Steve Carrell – win him an Emmy for Outstanding Actor on a TV Series. I
just kid because he stole the award from Zach Braff.

The premise is simple – Rogen has a one night stand with a
girl who is way out of his league, and ends up impregnating her. Comedy ensues!
See, this is what I like – the movie doesn’t have Rogen discovering a
superpower or something that will create “wacky” humor and also teach him a
lesson at the end. Apatow trusts his comic ability and that of his cast to make
the movie funny based on its characters, not its gimmicky premise. Shove that
up your ass, Click and Evan Almighty.

I assume that Hathaway is the girl that Rogen knocks up. If
so – good for you, Seth! Hathaway just gets hotter and hotter, and I can tell you from my experience interviewing her for Brokeback Mountain that she has the kind of edgy sense of humor that will work well in an Apatow film. Paul Rudd, one of the funniest men alive, will also