csaOne of the great things about Hollywood is that you can be arrested in drag while offering a cop sex for money and you’ll still possibly have a job in the morning. You can’t do that when you’re working at IBM. When I read that Lee Tamahori had been busted for just that offense (and come on, who hasn’t had that happen to them at least once!), I figured that his next feature – appropriately titled Next – was out of his hands.

Not yet, it turns out. In fact, the movie added Jessica Biel, the woman most likely to be kidnapped by Dave Davis, to its cast today. The Hollywood Reporter, in announcing the casting, says that the film is still Tamahori’s, and you have to assume that the director of a movie has some say over who is cast. Still, that must have been a weird meeting, huh?

Next is the latest Philip K Dick adaptation. The original short story was called The Golden Man, and the movie is about a precog (played by Nic Cage) being pursued by the Feds, who want him to give them info on a pending global terrorist attack. I have to assume that something bad will happen to him or the timestream if he tells them, otherwise he’s just a complete cock for keeping that info to himself, and Lee Tamahori isn’t the kind of director who makes movies with leads who are that complex – cross dressing prostitute or no.