Your favorite movie, ever, is about to be made.

According to Deadline, Michael Chiklis is set to face-off against Jason Statham in Taylor Hackford’s Parker.   Parker is yet another adaptation of Donald E. Westlake’s cold and vicious protagonist … but this time, he’ll finally keep his damn name!  (I think. That could change, I suppose.)

Anyone who has to go up against Parker (who is no angel) has to be one nasty piece of work himself, and unless you can get Daniel Day-Lewis in full Bill the Butcher mode, Chiklis is a solid pick.

Jennifer Lopez is currently in talks to play the female lead. Chances we’ll get Out of Sight Lopez, anyone? Anyone?

Lopez aside, it’s still Chiklis versus Statham.  The light bouncing off their badass craniums in the penultimate fight scene could blind us, but if it was the last thing we saw, I think we’d all go away happy.