Both horror and comics are still quite palatable on the giant undulating tongue of Hollywood, and we’ll be treated to yet another such combo courtesy of Universal’s genre-centric subsection Rogue Pictures.

Rogue will develop a flick based on the Devil’s Due comic Hack/Slash, which despite the name is not about bad writers and fetish fiction.  The sporadically published high-concept horror title (previously brought to life as… a stage show?) is sort of like Buffy meets Freddy vs. Jason meets the entire Full Moon Pictures back catalog. It follows the exploits of rough-and-tumble gal Cassie and her deformed, hulking partner Vlad as they stalk archetypal horror-movie slashers. As the daughter of a vicious demented killer known as "The Lunch Lady", it’s a subject Cassie knows a little something about.

Commercial and music vid director Todd Lincoln makes his feature debut, co-writing the hopefully R-rated massacre with Martin Schenk. The duo have spent the past few years working on Fox’s “re-imagining” of The Fly, which really in no way seems like a good idea after Cronenberg’s practically perfect film.

The Hack/Slash movie is being produced by Daniel Alter and Adrian Askarieh, who also have Hitman, Spy Hunter, and approximately four hundred other videogame and comic book properties in the works.