Paul Thomas Anderson movie is going to get me excited; hell, I was completely psyched for a PTA movie starring Adam Sandler, for God’s sake. Add in the fact that the new film is a sprawling epic and I get even more excited. Cast Daniel Day Lewis in the lead and I would be buying my tickets for There Will Be Blood today, if they were available.

Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more pumped up about this movie, Latino Review runs an incredibly glowing script review. Despite some weirdness (the review calls for a novelization of the 153-page script… which is based on a novel called Oil!, by Sinclair Lewis),  script reviewer El Chavo can’t stop gushing: “I think it is a work of brilliance. I am 100% positive that your film will win Best Screenplay at the Oscars,” he writes (the review is in the form of a fan letter to PTA). “I have never read a script like this before. And while this subject is nothing to be ‘overjoyed’ about per say, it was so refreshing to read something as original and thought provoking, that I’m literally giddy.”

For the rest of the review, head to Latino Review.