No clever titles on this article, it’s early. The Daily Mail is reporting that Naomie Harris (28 Days Later) is joining the cast for the new Bond film, possibly as Moneypenny. This would be the first appearance of the staple character since the Daniel Craig hard reboot of the franchise. For those of you who only started watching Bond films at Casino Royale, Moneypenny is M (Dame Judi Dench)’s assistant, and is a source of flirtation and blueballs for our oversexed superspy. I love Naomie Harris and feel that she is a great choice for the role, if this is indeed true. Coming from a British news source does give me pause however.

As we have been reporting, Harris will join a very impressive cast. Aside from the awesome and ruggedly handsome pair of Craig and Dench, apparently the equally awesome and rugged Javier Bardem has signed on for certain, as well as the slimy and smarmily handsome Ralph Fiennes. I would assume they are villains, but who knows. If this all pans out, this is easily the most impressive cast in a Bond film ever. With these powerhouses on board, director Sam Mendes would have to really botch things up behind the camera for this to turn out bad. I don’t think he will. Here’s hoping that this will be a glorious capper to Craig’s run as Bond so he can get on to better things and hand the character over to Michael Fassbender.