For the next 30 days I’ll torture you with my stupid answer to the writing prompts taken from the 30 Day Writing Challenge and the 30 Day Song Challenge.  Here we go:





Writing Challenge – Day 6: Something that excites you and fills you with joy.

Nothing has filled me with joy more than reading William Gibson’s Sprawl Series and Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash, respectively accompanied by the Tron: Legacy and the Push soundtracks.  These books made me feel the way I felt the first time I saw The Matrix.  I was completely removed from reality.  There’s not one thing I didn’t like about the Sprawl.  I don’t know how Vincenzo Natalli’s going to pull off the Neuromancer movie.  As for Snow Crash, I also loved everything, but I was particularly enamoured with the doggy storyline.  That was the best Deus Ex Machina setup ever devised.  It almost made me shed a tear, but it was awesome.

If I match a good book with a good soundtrack, I’m a happy girl.


Song Challenge – Day 6:  A song that reminds you of somewhere.

This one’s easy.  I lived in Australia for three years.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times; and when I left, a part of me died.  What was left wasn’t particularly pretty.

Sneaker Pimps – Sick

Powderfinger – Waiting For The Sun

Tricky – Evolution Revolution Love

Eskimo Joe – Liar

Tori Amos – Strange Little Girl

John Butler Trio – Zebra