GTTV has nabbed the full fourteen minute gameplay demonstration from Bioshock Infinite that was only shown to press behind closed doors at E3 this year.

Really, this is what we were hoping from with Bioshock 2. Rapture is one of the all-time great videogame locations but the opportunity to explore a new and equally fantastic world (and kill the crazed people in it) is almost too good to be true. Here you’ll see everything you’ve only heard about before- like how it’s possible to travel the world using that skyhook on those rollercoaster-like rails, how your companion Elizabeth can manipulate tears in space-time, and the new guardian that takes place of the Big Daddies.

The footage starts around 4:20 in the second chapter and Ken Levine introduces each section. Don’t believe it’s hyperbole to say this is one of the best gameplay demos I’ve seen, perhaps you’ll agree.

Enjoy and if you happen to invent a time machine sometime soon, let me know. Otherwise we’ve got to wait till next year for this.