is a pretty fun contest, and one I agreed to run because I think our readership contains some of the most creative people on the web today. The idea is pretty simple – you create a new poster for the video game horror movie Stay Alive (and let’s not be a joker and just submit the poster for Cronenberg’s eXistenZ). Here’s the official language:

Attention horror buffs – put your sick, demented minds to work and create your own STAY ALIVE one-sheet. Use the assets provided here or come up with your own concept entirely. Your submission will be judged based on creativity, orginality, and the emotional intensity of the artwork. There are no rules other than it follow the standard one-sheet structure and communicate the idea that "You die in the game. You die for real"

Submit your one-sheet (one entry per person) to We will select a finalist that will be judged by the filmmakers of STAY ALIVE along with (4) other finalists from select sites.

The winner will receive a (10) DVD library of horror titles from Buna Vista Home Entertainment, a signed STAY ALIVE one-sheet and the winning one-sheet concept will be featured here on CHUD.

Entry Deadline – March 1.

What’s cool about this is that the contest won’t be judged by a panel of marketing doofs, but the actual people making the movie. So fire up your Photoshop and get cracking!