Heat Vision is reporting that there is a Space Invaders adaptation in the works. Not the 1990 scifi comedy Spaced Invaders, which clearly is in need of a remake– Tomohiro Nishikado’s 1978 video game, one of the first and most successful games of all time. How popular was it? Japan ran into a coin shortage because of it. It’s had countless adaptations and remakes over the years, but this will be the first film.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura (TheTransformers series) and Odd Lot Entertainment’s Gigi Pritzker are the culprits behind this one, a duo who have optioned the rights from people who are doubtlessly still chuckling and checking their bank accounts to make sure it’s real. They’re now looking for a writer, one good enough to handle the massive amount of backstory for this timeless tale of alien invasion.

di Bonaventura is also working on that Asteroids film.

I… I just don’t know what to say here. The names will probably buy a few tickets and I guess there’s some small chance that someone could possibly do something interesting with these but, eh.

I still think the Tetris adaptation is the way to go, anyway.