One of our favorite parts of producing these videos is coming up with weird, experimental shit to integrate among all the movie talk. We’re not always thrilled about being beholden to the week’s releases, so you can always count on our minds to wander and for bizarre shit to happen. All of this to say- this episode probably contains some of the weirdest shit so far. It’s short and sweet though, as we continue to push towards slimming down these segments for the internet’s fickle attention span.

We love feedback, criticisms, verbal blowjobs, and every kind of response in between so employ the comment feature below, hit the boards, or let Nick and I know what you think directly…



Along with the usual smattering of music from various NunzCo. CHUD house bands (seriously dig through that thread- great shit constantly being added), a particularly odd segment called for a bit of dubsteppy electonica madness, care of my friend Maklov.

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