They may have lost David O. Russell, Sony wasn’t going to let Uncharted wander in the wilderness for long. According to Variety, they’ve tapped  Neil Burger to direct.

It’s still unknown whether Mark Wahlberg will be playing Nathan Drake or not.  The consensus seems to be that he’ll walk away now that Russell is gone.

I like Burger for Uncharted.  He isn’t exactly a workman director, churning out noisy and empty product.    He has a knack for interesting visuals which have carried some weak plots.  (Limitless wouldn’t have been half as fun without some of the eye-candy, and I’m not just talking about Mr. Popsicle Eyes Cooper.)

Now, let’s see who is going to play Nathan Drake.  Fandom is buzzing with the theory that it might be Popsicle Eyes, but there’s no names attached except for the waffling Wahlberg.