Universal studios is not deterred by the dismal performance of The Wolfman remake last year. They are bravely forging ahead with yet another Wolfman remake, this time simply titled WerewolfMoviehole is reporting that this reboot will be directed by Louis Morneau, a man with no discernible talent if we are to trust his IMDB credits. Apparently the script, written by Michael Tabb, will have ties to the original Wolf Man film from the 1940’s. Who the hell knows what that means.

What is it with Universal and lost cause properties? The Hulk (I guess they just like stories about guys who turn into monsters), Hellboy — it seems like Universal is always willing to go back to the well for geeky monster properties that don’t do well the first time. They seem to be really going bargain basement on this one though, so don’t expect to see it as a major release, if at all. I imagine this will be some set in modern day, CGI garbage that will have none of the cool production design that was the high point of the 2010 Oscar winning Wolfman film. But if they use Ozzy’s” Bark at the Moon” anywhere in the movie, all will be forgiven.