Today is another happy day in Hobbiton. We have our first official look of Jed Brophy as Nori, Adam Brown as Ori and Mark Hadlow as Dori.     They’ve kept the look of the dwarves a bit of a secret for now (we could glimpse them in the background of the first video diary, but that’s it) though there’s not exactly a lot of room for interpretation.  Short, bulky, armored…

But Gimli wasn’t the strapping adventurer these dwarves are, nor was he as young, so the make-up and costume team gets to play a little bit.  The result is a pack of fairly handsome dwarves … insofar as you can ever call them that.  They’re sharply groomed and well-dressed!   Their eyes aren’t hidden behind puffy make-up … though I imagine not having a hideous allergic reaction to it helps.

They look  good.  Man, it’s so much fun to see this stuff from the set. I missed it the first time round on Lord of the Rings, so it’s really exciting to get a second chance at such pre-release thrills.

[via Coming Soon, where there’s a slightly bigger version than our page can tolerate!]