had a chance to talk with Wayne Kramer today, the director of the upcoming and excellent Running Scared. The full interview will run next week, but Wayne spilled some interesting beans about his upcoming projects, including the fact that Thomas Jane is interested in starring in his film Evil Seek – as Satan.

The film, he told me, “is a supernatural thriller, and it’s about how every thousand years in Hell they elect a new Satan, and the reigning Satan has to take on the body of a mortal and find his successor, the most evil person alive. He takes over the body of an FBI profiler on a terrible serial killing case in LA. He’s inherited a 13 year old daughter and an ex-wife, and he’s kind of the moral center in a messed up world. It’s pretty cool and depraved.”

He is also looking to reteam with Running Scared’s dirty cop, Chazz Palminteri: “I have another project I’m going to do with Chazz Palminteri that I wrote, a low budget film. A smaller scale than Running Scared. It’s about a dying hitman, it’s sort of a Peckinpah-ish, redemptive piece. I’m in talks with New Line about a couple of projects they want me to do, and I might be doing one there with Mark Ruffalo, adapting a gritty mob book.”

Sounds like Kramer has some damn interesting things lined up in the months ahead. Running Scared hits theaters next week. It’s great, go see it.